1. Jesus

 • Everyone is in need of a Savior, and Jesus is that Savior. Rom. 3:23, Luke 19:10
We live in a fallen world that is looking for a fix. We have tried to fix ourselves, love ourselves, accept ourselves but being fixed is not what we need. Rescue is what we need. Jesus is the rescuer that was sent to us, even when we didn't want it. He is the life preserver that will save a drowning soul. He is the solution to whatever the problem is. There is no other "savior" that can be trusted. Satisfaction and Salvation are found nowhere else.

2. Acceptance

• We do not have to be good enough to be loved, Jesus loved us while we were sinners. Rom. 5:8, 1 John 4:10
Acceptance is something every human soul craves. We want to be good enough; we want to be loved, we want to be told we did a good job. Jesus laid no conditions on His love. Jesus laid down his life for us when we were at our worst. In response to this great love, Foundation Church accepts you and loves you. There is no need to try to button yourself up a certain way so that you can be welcome here. Come as you are.

3. Holy Spirit

 • The Holy Spirit has been graciously sent by God as a Helper, Guide, Encourager, and Teacher for those that love Jesus. John 14:26, 16:7, 16:13-14
We believe that the scriptures speak very clearly about our helplessness. We are helpless to save ourselves, helpless to love well, be good, or even want to do good. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to earth as a guide, helper, and encourager for those that love Him. We rely on the activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives just as we rely on the air we breathe.  Without Him, eternal life wouldn’t be possible.

4. Bible

   • The Bible is a priceless resource of absolute truth that is the revelation of God and a guide for all of life. Psalm 119:11, John 17:17
We live in a post-modern world where everything is relative, including truth. In fact, it has been said that we live in a post-truth world where thoughts and emotions are more influential than fact. We believe that the Bible is objective truth.  God inspired the writing of the scriptures and ensured that they were written accurately and consistently. We place our full trust in the written Word of God as the most significant source of truth.

5. Prayer

 • Our personal relationship with God is sustained through a constant prayer conversation. Luke 11:9-10, Phil. 4:6
We believe that God is a personal God that created us for a relationship with Himself. Our relationship with God is built on prayer.  Prayer is essential for knowing and understanding the will of God. Prayer is access to God Most High through His Son Jesus Christ.  Prayer is powerful, not because of the prayer but because of the God that hears our prayers.  

6. Discipleship

 • Jesus' last command on this earth was to go, and make disciples. Matt 28: 19
Discipleship is kind of an ambiguous, difficult to define, word. Here at Foundation Church, we believe it to mean teaching others how to love God intentionally. Disciples are those people that study, follow, obey, and emulate a teacher or teaching. We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Before we can ever teach someone to be a disciple, we must first lead by example and be passionate disciples of Jesus.

7. Kindness

 • Truth delivered with love is the most exceptional communicator of grace. John 8:3-11

Kindness is the overflow of a heart that has been forgiven.  When we fully grasp the depths of the grace that has been given to us by God through Jesus, we will meet all challenges with kindness. Foundation Church is built on the undeserved love of Jesus Christ and in response to this love we will graciously live with all people.